What To Look For In A Workout Partner

I’m all about group classes.  I love being around people who are sweating and working their asses off.  It’s motivational and inspiring.  Plus, it makes you feel better to know you’re not the only one getting your ass kicked by the workout.

I’ve tried the whole working out alone in the gym thing.  And you know what?  I found it totally boring.  I like being around people, so the social aspect of my workout keeps my mind sane while I’m pushing my body.

That being said, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people.  Working out shows you where your strengths are as well as your weaknesses.  For some, their weaknesses can be a sore spot.  It’s important to be around people who will life you up rather than tear you down.

Here’s what I think makes the perfect workout partner

1. You love the same sport.  Whether you’re bending, lifting or running together, you both share a love for the same activity.  Don’t try to force your significant other or bestie into doing what you love.  No one likes a negative nancy while they sweat.

2. You think win-win.  The perfect workout partner will be similar to you in strength, whether you’re out on a trail run, lifting weights or in a hot yoga class.  It makes pushing each other easier.  However, there is a big difference in competition and friendly competition.  For example, if find yourselves saying “I’m going to lift more,” or “I’m going to beat them,” you’re straight up competing with them. (Side note-don’t say this out loud.  You’ll sound like an ass.) Friendly competitors think more along the lines of “if they can keep going, I can keep going.”  Try thinking win-win instead of I’m going to win.

3. You have similar goals. It’s easy to motivate and push each other when you have similar goals.  You work on making progress together. You both value your time inside or outside (depending on your sport) because your end point is the same.  This is also where that friendly competition comes in.  It’ll push you that much more to reach your goal if you have someone working by your side.

4. You balance each other out.  Sure you may have some similar goals, but you will have different strengths and weaknesses.  Use them to help each other out.  Coach each other.  Have days where you work on your partners weakness, and days where together you work on yours.  Nobody is perfect.  Even if you are strong in one area, the continuous practice will make you that much stronger. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone else become stronger (physically or mentally).

5. Cheer each other on. Even when you can’t exactly breathe, you and your partner are still saying phrases like, “Come on!” and “You got it!” or “Almost there!”  Chances are you’re saying them super fast, as to get it all in one breath.  But you know what?  That right there is workout partner love.

Here’s the part in the post where I get to ramble about my fabulous sweat partners.


This upside down bad-ass is Ansley.  She is without a doubt the best CrossFit partner I could ask for.  We push each other, help strengthen each other’s weaknesses and work towards similar goals.  Walking handstands…here we come!


This blonde bombshell, Erin, sparked my love for yoga, and reignited my passion for running.  Together we pushed through challenging hot vinyasa classes and beasted some runs up awful hills. (LOL what were we thinking?!)  Thanks for the motivation, baby girl!

Workouts need to be motivating and fun.  If you’re workout partner sucks the fun out sweating, it may be time for a break-up.

Who do you love to sweat with?  Who keeps you motivated and having fun at the gym, in the studio or on the trails?

How to Live With Your Partner


Meet my roommates: Adam and Pood.

The two (okay, three) of us are entering year 2 of living together.  Granted, Adam and I practically lived together for three years prior to our apartment, making this move was a big step.  Maybe you and your partner are considering taking a similar leap.  Or maybe you already have but you’re constantly at each others throats.

Well, here’s how we do it:


No, there isn’t exactly a lot of space in an apartment, but we still manage to have space.  Before moving in together, we knew we would only consider a two bedroom apartment.  Not only because I have some slight clothes-hoarding issues (I mean…what girl doesn’t?), but because we didn’t want to be crowding each other.  Even if you don’t physically have space, it’s a must to mentally have space.  i.e: It’s okay to sit in a room together and not talk.


There’s is no holding back.  When you live together, you are around your partner a lot.  If something irks you, you need to say it.  If you don’t it’s going to continue, and your negative energy is going to build up until your ready to burst.  And your partner isn’t dumb.  Chances are, they know you (hopefully…) and can read your body language.  Instead of tensing up and giving the occasional eye roll (whoops…guilty!), talk it out.


Accept your partner. Nobody’s perfect, and chances are they have habits that annoy the crap out of you.  I understand that Adam does things in his own time, unlike me who is an excessive planner.  He understands that more than once he’ll find mine dirty clothes on the bathroom floor.  Do we love these qualities about each other? No. Do we learn to live with them? Sure.


That being said, work on your “flaws.”  I tend to be messy.  Adam tends to make smart ass comments.  Old habits die hard, right?  Although it may not always seem like it, I do try to put in some extra effort here and there with chores.  And he tries to bite his tongue when a less than nice remark is about to slip.  Compromise comes in other forms, too.  Decorations.  Arrangements. Responsibilities.  It takes two.  You won’t always get your way, but when you focus on the win-win mentality, you’ll give a little and get a little.

Time Apart

You and your partner live together.  That doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment together.  Do yourself a favor and take some time for yourself.  Do your partner a favor and don’t complain when they take time for themselves.  You both deserve to have your own hobbies and lives outside of the life you’re building together.

Time Together

When relationships get cozy, it can be easy to push them to the side.  Set aside some “me and you” time.  Breakfast/lunch/dinner dates, cuddling, hikes, swole-mate sessions, movies…whatever.  Just because you move in together doesn’t mean you stop dating.

Are we the perfect roommates? Far from it.  But we understand relationships take work and this is how we work through it.

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Love ya, handsome 😉