half marathon

13.1 x 10

So, I just set a goal.

A very audacious goal.

I’m running 10 half marathons during the 2015-2016 school year; one each month.


Each one will be dedicated to a pair of my students.

My relationship with running has recently evolved.  While running used to be my escape, it is now my me time.  When I lace up and hit the trail, I’m given the opportunity to build my awareness.  I grow mindful of my breath, of my surroundings, of all that I have to be grateful for.  I’m amazed at how this relationship has changed and how movement can be so meditative.

Why 13.1? 

Goals are meant to challenge you.  For me, personally, the distance of a half marathon will allow me to both mentally and physically challenge myself.  By no means is the plan to PR each and every race.  In fact, most races will not be ran at race pace.  While I’m destined to gain at least 1 PR from this (since I’ve never ran one before…automatic PR woohoo!), my ultimate goal is to focus on my breath, soak up my surroundings and smile at the opportunity on the paved paths ahead. And, yes, I’ve heard…races are expensive. But, not with proper budgeting! Rather than placing extra money in my “spending money” category for movies, dinners and drinks, some of that cash will be dedicated to the newly installed “race” category.  While I focus on leading a life with a balanced body and mind, balanced finances are important too. It’s a win-win in my eyes when my money goes to investing in that balance.

Student Dedications

Goal setting and mindfulness is a major part of the curriculum I teach in my classroom.  I’m excited to share my journey with my students, to provide them with an example of goal setting, perseverance and healthful living.

2015 Races

Here’s a list of Halves I am committed to:

August 23: Hotlanta Half Marathon (signed up!)

September 19: Race 13.1 Raleigh Fall Half Marathon

October 17: Bull City Race Fest
November 15: Raleigh Rocks the Green Way
December 5: Winston Salem Mistletoe Haf Marathon
The plan is to keep the races local, a way to give back to the community.  The first and last half will be the only ones not ran locally…a way to celebrate the beginning and end of this journey!
Cheers to a happy, healthy body and mind!

Throwback Thursday: Run, Devin, Run

Don’t worry…this post will not be filled with old school pictures of me.

Instead, this #tbt is dedicated to the revival of the runner inside of me.  This morning I registered for my very first half marathon:  The YMCA Mistletoe Run. All the proceeds go to supporting educational programs fighting childhood obesity, making this race the obvious choice for me.

I’ll be honest, running isn’t a struggle for me.  I can run miles upon miles at a steady pace.  Running my first half marathon is going to be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.  I mean, let’s be real…it’s going to be an automatic PR (all first time races are).  I’m more focused on staying positive during my runs and, well, not getting bored.
This time, I’m going to train for races the right way.  When I used to run track and cross country, the only training I had was running.  Yes, we went to the weight room, but all I did was a shit ton of sit ups and other abdominal movements.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a strong runner then.  But, my mind was weak. A big misconception is the only way to get better at running is to just run farther, faster and more.   Another (very unfortunate) misconception is that weight training will make you slower.  I feel beyond confident that strength training will only support my body in this new challenge. I’m ready to tackle my first marathon using CrossFit and yoga along with running.

Here’s a look at what my general training schedule will be. 

half marathon schedule

Of course my training will alter here and there based on my work schedule and, because, let’s face it: life just happens sometimes.

Also, being that my race isn’t until December 6th, I have some time until I start adding on my distance.  This gives me plenty of time to not only get into the groove of my schedule, but allow my body to bounce back after having my wisdom teeth removed (aka worst experience of my life…)

Have you ever ran a half marathon?  What advice do you have to offer?