Why You Should Step Outside Your Fitness Zone


I am having the happiest of Hump Days since I started my morning with a challenge: my first pilates class at Pure Pilates.  I was awful.  It was fabulous.

Being a planner and avid organizer, I am all about routine and structure.  However, it can be easy to get stuck in your comfort zone. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate change.  But, with change comes growth, and let’s admit it: we all have room to grow.

In the past, I’ve been known to get caught up in my fitness routines.  We’ve all been there: obsessing over workouts, knowing your way of sweating is the best way, and pushing yourself to improve in your sport.  Exercise should be used as a means to bring balance to your life.  Unfortunately, obsessions (no matter the shape or form) will do anything but create balance.

Being a passionate person, I tend to become a perfectionist, even in my sport.  Instead of being perfect at the sport, I’d rather use the sport to create the perfect (healthiest) me.   And let’s be real…not every sport offers it all.  That’s why I’ve decided to step outside my fitness zone.

For the past three years, CrossFit has been my love.  It’s allowed me to become physically and mentally stronger.  Unfortunately, I’ve let me flexibility (or lack there of) slip by.  I’ve always just accepted that I was inflexible.  (Side note: that’s totally not okay.)  My most recent achievement was being able to touch my toes. 

This morning, pilates opened my eyes to how unaware I am of my body.  I compensate lack of flexibility by using strength.  My favorite thing about stepping outside my fitness comfort zone is being humbled.  I know by continuing to step outside of it will only allow me to grow, especially in the sport I love.

Here’s three reasons to step outside your fitness zone:

1. Build New Strengths: each sport has something unique to offer. Stepping outside of your fitness zone will help you see where there’s room to grow.

2. New Communities: my favorite thing about trying out new boxes and studios is meeting new people.  Each community has it’s own special-something.  Plus, who doesn’t love making new friends?

3. Being Humbled: being humbled by a new sports allows me to recognize when I’m getting too obsessive with another.  It’s possible to strengthen and grow without being compulsive about it.  It’s okay to not be the best at everything.  

So here’s my advice: switch it up.  I promise your lifts won’t suck if you decide to go to yoga or pilates instead of pumping iron.  And adding a lifting sesh may help you perfect that crow pose you’ve been fighting for.  I’m by no means saying it’s possible to do it all.  But, I am challenging you to add something new to your fitness routine, even if it is just once a week.  Find a happy balance.  You’ll see improvement in both your sport and lifestyle. 


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